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Thika police shoot dead one suspect, arrest another in night raid

Police in Thika last night shot dead one suspect and recovered mobile phones believed to have been stolen from innocent victims.

According to police report, the deceased, who was part of a 3-man gang attacking members of the public along Cascade Premier-Thika Prison road, was shot as he attempted to fend off the response by the police officers. His efforts came to naught when one of the officers opened fire in self-defence, sending him sprawling on the ground metres away.

The deafening response sent the remaining machete wielding duo who were also armed with a homemade firearm fleeing, prompting a chase that lasted a few minutes as the determined officers gave chase closely behind.
One of the robbers was finally cornered and arrested while his accomplice disappeared in a storm water culvert.

Following the incident, the officers recovered two machetes, a homemade firearm and mobile phones suspected to have been snatched from innocent victims.

A numberless motorbike used by the thugs was also impounded by the officers who towed it to Thika Police Station as exhibit.

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  1. Hope security will stabilize back in our home town, fear is everywhere


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