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Man injured in early morning attack by thugs

A middle-aged man has his gods to thank after he escaped being sent to his maker by some marauding muggers in Witeithie estate Juja Constituency.

His fate would have been worse had it not been some quick response by workers in a local pub who came to his rescue this morning as the young boys attacked him, with a twisted left arm.

This is the second time in the recent past that he has been attacked and robbed. The previous incident, left him nursing inured kneels injured and robbed KSH 2,000.

The marauding young men are said to be reigning terror in the area with impunity. They have now instilled fear in the spines of locals and put businesses into peril.

Several incidents have been reported with the majority going unreported.

Following complain to local OCS by traders, the Station Commander has formed a team to deal with the menace and a suspect already been nabbed.

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