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Suspect gunned down at Gatitu in a foiled robbery attempt

Police in Thika gunned down one suspect and recovered a home-made gun in a robbery attempt incident at Gatitu area in Thika as the officers on patrol responded to a distress call from a member of the public who was under attack. 

The victim, a student at Thika Technical Institute was headed to his rented room when he was accosted by the thugs at Gatitu corner.

Following the sudden attack, he screamed for help prompting quick response from the officers who spotted a young man subdued on the ground by three machete wielding thugs. The trio were busy ransacking his pockets for his mobile phone and other valuables. 

Immediately, the officers intervened by ordering the three to stop but their warnings fell on deaf ears. One of the thugs reached for his privates and attempted to draw a firearm but before he reached out his gun, one of the officers shot him, sending him sprawling on the ground.  

Following the unexpected turn of events, the rest of the thugs jumped on their getaway motorbike parked nearby and as fate would have it, the bike’s engine failed to start, prompting them to scamper into darkness leaving their ill fated bike behind. 

At the scene, the victim’s phone was recovered from the suspect’s pockets, a sharp machete and a home-made firearm carefully tucked in the thug’s genitals. 

The shaken victim was assisted on his feet by the officers who escorted him home following the traumatising incident, as the body of the thug who suffered a fatal injury was escorted to General Kago Road Funeral Home pending identification and autopsy.

Meanwhile, the blue motorbike registration number KMDS 602K used by the miscreants, was impounded and is currently at Thika Police Station as investigations aimed at arresting the rest of the suspects ensues.


  1. I like the reaction by the police

  2. Well done to our police force

  3. Good work to the police these gungs should be delt with

  4. Congrats to those officers for responding quickly and doing their work professionally, now this is a good start in eradicating this menace..Thanks..


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