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Mount Kenya University Board Chairman Prof. Simon Gicharu today handed over media equipment  to boost training at the institution.  

In an event held at the University's main Campus Thika, Prof. Gicharu called on media and film students to utilize the new technology to build capacity in their pursuit of professional excellence.

Prof. Gicharu recalled that lack of basic equipment hindered the acquisition of practical knowledge in his heydays as a high school student. He said those challenges motivated him to invest in the provision of quality education.  

“We used to imagine what a burette was, we only heard of chemicals’ names; as a result, we also imagined how those chemicals reacted with different elements.” Prof. Gicharu recalled, inviting a hearty laughter from staff and students present.  

He encouraged students across the campuses to take advantage of the University’s zeal to produce competent graduates. These equipment will benefit students in Thika, Nairobi, Nakuru and Mombasa campuses to ensure seamless training in all campuses.  

Department of Journalism offers Master’s and Bachelor’s degrees in journalism and media studies. It also offers and diploma and certificate media programmes. Other programs offered at the department are Bachelor of art in Film and Animation and Public Relations.  

The University VC Prof. JAGANYI said the University takes pride in its equipped libraries, laboratories and qualified staff, advising students to utilize these resources for their academic benefits.

The department head Mr Githua thanked the University Board Chair and the Management for their commitment to the provision of excellent education centred on research and innovation for individual transformation and sustainable development.

On the hand, students expressed their gratitude saying that the equipment will be useful in gaining relevant skills sorts after in the industry. The University Media Alumni continue to offer their professional services in local and international media.

Harun Thoya and Peter Kamau, are third-year students pursuing a Bachelor’s degree in Journalism and are confident of the impact this state-of-the-art technology will have on their quest to better their journalistic abilities.  

“My passion lies in sports journalism. I am happy that the university has bought these professional microphones and sound consoles,” Thoya said, sentiments that Kamau concurred will boost the quality of the training for aspiring radio journalists.  

The Mount Kenya University-affiliated TV47 plays a key role in providing media students with relevant industry experience. The fast-growing media house in the region has absorbed key talents from the university, making it possible for inclusive training and employment offer to outstanding students.  

The department of journalism added to its inventory industry-standard professional video cameras, ATEM Design Video mixers, teleprompters, film drones, lights, DSRL cameras and many others.  

The Young Catholic Students (YCS) choir also received a brand new keyboard and other musical instruments that the YCS Chaplain Fr. Mbugua said will play a key role in spreading God’s Word through music and building individual talent.

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