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Results announced at polling station final - IEBC Chair Chebukati

IEBC Chairman Wafula Chebukati has urge candidates and political parties to send their agents to each polling station where voting will be done, votes counted and results announced.

He added that agents should have copy of the result forms and take a photo stressing that results announced at polling station are final.

Speaking during an engagement forum with the Kenya Private Sector Alliance (KEPSA), Mkenya Daima and other stakeholders to brief them on the General Elections preparedness, Chebukati said that preparation of staff who will manage the elections is ongoing.

"We had a meeting with Returning Officers and we are ready for the elections. Recruitment of Presiding Officers, clerks and other staff is going on. We will have six IEBC staff in each polling station and 2 policemen manning security," said Chebukati.

The meeting shared IEBC polling day activities including the voting process, counting and result management process and addressed concerns from KEPSA and Mkenya Daima steering Committee on General Elections preparedness.

"IEBC is now printing ballot papers, and we are receiving the first batch of ballot papers at JKIA today. The total number of ballot to be printed will be 22,120,458 which is the number of voters in all the six elective seats. No additional ballot paper," he said.

Chebukati said that the Commission was independent and its fidelity will always be hinged to the law and not to an individual or authority.

"You may be unhappy with us but we will always follow the law," he noted.

KEPSA Chairperson Flora Mutahi assured the Commission and the public that Kenya would have a peaceful election.

"The private sector is ready to support the election process to ensure IEBC deliver a free, fair and credible election," she said.

Mkenya_daima Chairman Dr. Vimal Shah prayed for peaceful election that would not only strengthen the gains made but ensure there was continuity of business development in the country.

"The election will be a small speed bump and we don’t anticipate any serious problems. Let all Kenyans come out to elect leaders with integrity at all levels to enhance good governance and leadership because we want accountability that will instill hope in the public," he said.

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