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Police arrest student who kidnapped self to defraud his parents

Police in Nairobi have arrested a 23-year old medical student at Makindu Medical Training College after he staged his own kidnapping to defraud money from his parents.

Edwin Kamau, who ‘disappeared’ last Sunday, blocked his father and called his mother and claimed to have been kidnapped. He told them that his kidnappers wanted a ransom of Sh.70,000, to set him free before he hanged up on her.

His distraught parents reported the matter to police officers who immediately launched a manhunt for the kidnappers.

However, the calls persisted with Kamau telling his mother that his kidnappers were on the verge of eliminating him.

Determined to secure the life of their son, they sent Sh.10,000 on Wednesday via mobile money.

Immediately Kamau received the initial Sh. 10,000, he went to a club in Thika to irrigate his throat and make merry in the company of a lady he had met. And as fate would have it, the woman turned out to be a pishori admin who laced his drink with an unknown substance and stole the cash.

Yesterday after regaining control of his faculties, he called again and his parents sent a further Sh. 40,000 which he withdrew and secured in his shoes.

By this time, detectives had closed in on him. Upon questioning, Kamau said that he had squandered money meant for his last semester’s school fees and was wondering how he would raise money in order to sit for his exams, hence the fake story.

He further disclosed that he had been ‘kidnapped’ alongside two other students whose parents had paid their ransoms.

Detectives recovered Sh. 38,600 from the student who is now in custody at Kayole Police Station pending arraignment. 

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