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Woman killed, body stashed in bag and dumped at roadside

The body of an unknown woman was last evening found dumped outside the GSU Recce squad camp at Kimbo area in Ruiru.

The woman, believed to be in her early twenties, was hacked to death and body stashed in a sack and then put in a black suitcase with her hands tied from behind. 

She also has been tied around the neck with a nylon rope. It also a visible deep cut on the left breast and had ink writings on the chest, both palms and both thighs with the message that read "Bwana ya mtu ni sumu".

It is believed that she might have been killed elsewhere and dumped alongside the perimeter wall of the highly guarded GSU Recce squad station.

The body has since been transferred to City Mortuary. 


  1. What happened to Human Beings ....We kill each other like Chicken?God Have mercy

  2. Waaah enyewe ata bibi ya wenyewe nisumu pia


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