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Police officer arrested while demanding bribes as a KRA official

Police in Thika are holding one suspect nabbed impersonating Kenya Revenue Authority (KRA) staff on Wednesday afternoon.

The suspect, accompanied by two of his accomplices, a lady and a man, had stormed into a wines and spirits shop in Runda area of YMCA and identified themselves as KRA staff on routine check of tax compliance. 

The suspect produced a staff badge alledged to be from KRA with the names David M. Simiu and accused the shop owner of failing to issue ETR, tax invoice to customers and selling products with fakes excise stamps. 

In order to let the trader "off the hook", they demanded a bribe money from him but which he declined. In retaliation, the suspects issued him with a seizure notice from KRA.

His instincts doubted the authenticity of their claims, forcing him to raise alarm. As the members of public responded, the lady and one gentleman managed to flee in a waiting car. They pounced on the suspect with kicks and blows. He was only rescued by police officers who were on patrol.

Initial investigations revealed the suspect is a police officer based in Kikuyu Police Station and who is currently on interdiction. It was also established that he is facing three similar court cases in Nakuru Law Court and two others in Milimani Law Court.

He will be arraigned this morning and charged for the offences of impersonation, extortion, forgery and allied offences. 

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