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Thika street plunged into darkness as thugs vandalise street lights

It is very unfortunate that as the government is using billions to spur development, some dunderheads are out to destroy all these gains.

Someone is vandalising street lights along Thika-Garissa Highway near BAT and plunging the place into darkness, in the name of scrap metal business.

A tour along the walk path between Polysack and BAT revealed that out of the more than ten street poles, only two are still standing. The rest have been vandalised, with the latest seemingly just yesternight.

This is retrogressive thinking even as Thika talks of preparing itself for city status upgrading.

There has also been some public outcry over vandalising of their water pipes and electric cables within the estates, a loss which can be attributed to the same cartels.

It is the highest time the authorities reigned hard on those who are dragging the sub-county into the dark days. We cannot sit back and allow thugs take over the town. 

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