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Do not take us back to political intolerance and chaos

Thika Town MP aspirant Juma Hemedi Mwaniki has called on government agencies to be very vigilant and punish political leaders making inflammatory statements that are likely to ignite hatred and political chaos.

In a press briefing held in Thika, Juma also called on political parties to decline to nominate such leaders to vie for any seat in the coming General elections.

He called upon candidates eying various political positions within Thika to desist from acts that would incite the general public into violence. He added that everyone should be allowed to share their agenda, vision and aspirations without intimidation or mudslinging.

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Juma appealed to Thika electorate to shun leaders who incited them and stay away from their meetings. He appealed to the residents not to allow Thika to go back to the era of political turmoil and chaos.

He urged the business community, manufacturers, civil society as well as the authorities to form a Thika Peace Ambassador umbrella to help in preaching peace and in castigating retrogressive leaders.


  1. Sure is not fair if we go back to the bygone era of planned cheos

  2. Juma is a well informed leader who has the interest of mwananchi at heart.

  3. This is the man we want a gentleman with interectual capacity to read thika people to the light direction a man of people.


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