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By Maina Wa Bethi

As a Thikan, by birth and residence, I'm extremely disgusted by the deplorable state our beloved town is currently in. A town that was once orderly and well-planned is now a profile of chaos, disorder and neglect.
Walking in the town centre you won't fail to notice how roads and pavements have unashamedly been converted into parking lots. Tuktuks, matatus and bodabodas pick and collect passengers at whatever point they wish without giving a heck as to the consequences.

The situation worsens in the evening when the hawkers turn the town centre into a big rural market. Pavements meant to be walked on and a significant part of the road is littered with secondhand wares. It takes a miracle to negotiate your way through this chaotic scenario.

Formal license-paying businesses have been affected negatively by these hostile hawker-driven businesses.

It's time we took a stand for an ORDERLY THIKA, it's time the authorities that be enforced county by-laws and it's time THIKA regained it's former glory.

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