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A list of roads scheduled for tarmacking by Kiambu Government within Juja Constituency - Year 2020

Here is the list of roads scheduled for tarmacking by Kiambu County Government within Thika Constituency this year...

1) Hawamiria -Muthara Access Road (3km)
2) Witeithie-Maraba Access road (3km)
3) Witeithie access road and access to Maraba Chief post (Gravel - 4km)

1) Gachororo Assistantant County Commissioners Office -Gachororo Health Centre - Tumaini School - Quarry Access Road (3km)
2) Uchumi - Muchatha access road (3km)
3) Mung'etho centre and Mashinani centre access roads (Gravel - 4km)

1) Juja Farm Cattle Dip - Mung'etho Access Road (3km)
2) Bigma Access Roads (3km)
3) Gachoya road to Mumba (Gravel - 4km)

1) Munga area Access Roads (3km)
2) Redsoil Access Roads (3km)
3) Neema road (Gravel - 4km)

1) Biashara Area Access Road (3km)
2) Toll - Monapark access Road (3km)
3) Canaan - Zone T access road (Gravel - 4km)

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