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A list of roads scheduled for tarmacking by Kiambu Government within Thika Constituency - Year 2020

A section of the 2km Mugo Kibiro road in Thika town that is currently being tarmacked. This road serves Section 9 and View Land estates.
Here is the list of roads scheduled for tarmacking by Kiambu County Government within Thika Constituency this year...
1) Karibaribi Dispensary - White Sisters Road (0.6km)
2) Kwa Eli Road (0.7km)
3) Irigiro Road (1.0km)
4) Thumbi's Road (0.6km)
5) Rehabilitation of factory road (Gravel - 4km)

1) Nanasi Estate Roads (3km)
2) Rehabilitation of Frame Tree estate roads (Gravel - 4km)

1) Salama Boda Boda Shed - Jungle Road - ACK Church Road (3km)
2) Construction & Rehabilitation Of Blue Nile - Kiang'ombe Road
3) Rehabilitation Of Phase 5 Road
4) Rehabilitation of Kwa Njomo – Munyu border road (Gravel - 4km)

1) Garissa Road - Kwaheri Junction through Magana to St. Magdalina Catholic Church (6km)
2) Construction Of Tushauriane Off Road
3) Construction & Rehabilitation Of Sabugo Road
4) Rehabilitation of Thika river road (Gravel - 4km)

1) Kwa Wakameli - Gitoboto Road (3km)
2) Rehabilitation Of Maguguni Sec - ACK Church Kwa Manugu Village Road
3) Rehabilitation of Zen petrol station – Matathia Primary road (Gravel - 4km)

Other infrastructural projects that are of economic and social importance to the public in wards

1) Improvement of storm water drainage at Bullies
2) Rehabilitation of Castle to Witeithei bypass road (Gravel)

1) Improvement of storm water drainage system at Kiganjo, Landless and Lang’ata.(Gravel)

1)  Opening up roads in Ngoliba ward.
2) Construction of box culverts at Kwa Manugu, Ngoliba Secondary – Hatchery, PCEA Pendekezo (Gravel)

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