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Thika youth venture into the lucrative macadamia farming with an eye for millions.

A section of the orchard where Muturi Muno Self-Help Group has planted 100 macadamia seedlings.
A group of youth in Kilimambogo Location of Thika East has ventured into macadamia farming that has recently gained prominence in the country due to its lucrative returns.

In a leased one-acre piece of land, Muturi Muno Self-Help Group has already grown 100 seedlings, with intent to increase the tree cover to about 500 in the near future.

According to their chair Peter Maina, the 15-member group leased the land at sh. 6,000 per year since they had no land of their own.

“At first, we were just growing tree seedlings for sale. However, we changed our initial plans after attending a farmers’ workshop organised by Jungle Kilimo where we learn the value of growing grafted avocado and macadamia seedlings,” he explained.

Jungle Kilimo is a department under Jungle Foundation that sensitises residents on modern agricultural practices through the stewardship of the area MP Eng. Patrick Wainaina.
MP Eng. Patrick Wainaina talking with members of Muturi Muno Self-Help Group in Kilimambogo. 
After the initial training, the group embarked on the project after receiving 100 free seedlings donated by the foundation.

He notes that the demand for the grafted seedlings in the country is so high and they expect to earn about half a million shillings from the sales of their first crop.

During a tour on the project, Wainaina hailed the group’s initiative and promised to walk this journey with them until they were fully self-reliant. He encouraged other youth especially those who were still jobless to emulate this group and come up with such a project.

“This group has demonstrated that you do not need to own a piece of land to venture into commercial agriculture. You can even start your own commercial gardens at home to produce fruits, vegetables and flowers for sale to local stores or grocery stores,” advised the MP.

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