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How Governors want Constitution changed through their "Ugatuzi Initiative".

Governors have kicked off clamour for constitutional changes via the "Ugatuzi Initiative" where among others, they want -
● Council of County Governors be entrenched in the Constitution
● Counties to receive not less than 45% of previous year’s national revenue and 30% of proceeds from natural resources
● Compel the national government to ensure each county has either a Cabinet Minister, Deputy Minister or Principal Secretary.
● Appointment of a Prime Minister who will be head of government, two deputy premiers. The President will be Head of State.
● A Cabinet appointed from among MPs with at least one-third picked from outside Parliament and to reintroduce Assistant Ministers in a cabinet that must meet the two-thirds gender rule and representation of the special interest groups.
● Cabinet to consist of not more than 18 Ministers and 22 Deputies
● Establishment of a County Assembly Fund and grants to MCAs similar to what the MPs enjoy such as car grants and low-cost mortgages
● Establishment of the office of the Deputy Speaker of the County Assembly included in the Constitution
● Equalisation Fund to be distributed to the counties by the Commission for Revenue Allocation (CRA) and be implemented at the ward level.
● All Bills shall originate from the National Assembly or Senate where the Senate shall consider all bills including money bills.
● The Constitution to provide provision for filling of a vacancy in the Office of Deputy Governor by the Governor with the approval of the County Assembly.
● The Constitution to provide grounds and procedure for removal of a Deputy Governor.
● Leader of the Party/coalition of Parties with the second largest number of seats in National Assembly to be the official leader of the opposition. He/She shall have a deputy and shall appoint a shadow cabinet.
● The President shall not assent to any Bill unless passed by the Senate
● Senate shall approve appointments to all constitutional offices and be involved in approval of International Treaties.
● Office of the Attorney General to be independent and have security of tenure.
● Counties to have their own County Attorney and Law Office and that each County to have its own County Gazette.

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