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2 "fake Gym" members arrested as police bust car theft ring at TRM.

Kelvin Mokaya and Moses Alimlim at Kasarani Police Station on Tuesday
Police in Kasarani have arrested 2 suspects over their links to a car theft syndicate at Thika Road Mall (TRM), Garden City Mall and environs.
According to the police report, the thugs pose as gym members but once they access the changing rooms, they steal car keys and drive away with the vehicles.
The two; Kelvin Mokaya and Moses Alimlim were busted as they attempted to flee TRM in a stolen car.
They were also found in possession of a bunch of assorted car keys and alarms belonging to different vehicles.
It is alleged that the two stole the car keys from the owner while he was at the Gym in the same building.
Detectives investigating the case believe that the same gang has been stealing motor vehicles from TRM and Garden City Mall.
Both in custody awaiting arraignment in court.

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