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DG James Nyoro sued for reshuffling Waititu's cabinet

A Kiambu voter has moved to court to stop Deputy Governor James Nyoro from assuming executive powers in the absence of suspended Governor Ferdinand Waititu.
In his application filed at the High Court, Bernard Chege Mburu is disputing Nyoro's move to reshuffle County Executive Committee members (CECs), arguing that this move is not binding in law and could "precipitate chaos in Kiambu County" as the cabinet transfers were not approved by the Governor who might revise them once he returns to office.
He argues that Nyoro, not being the appointing authority, logically has no authority to dismiss or re-assign officers appointed by the Governor with requisite vetting and approval of the County Assembly.
“There is no law that allows him to be the acting governor and start issuing directives through executive powers he does not have. His decisions are a recipe for chaos since they do not have the blessings of the elected governor,” swore Mburu.
He further argues that Nyoro’s decision could set a dangerous precedent as the deputy governors would usurp the authority of governors every time the later are either sick or temporarily away.
Mburu says that on September 6, 2019, the Deputy Governor of Kiambu County published in the Kenya Gazette a notice purporting to effect a re-assignment of the County Executive Committee Members in Charge of Finance and Economic Planning as well as Trade, Tourism, Cooperatives and Enterprise Development by swapping them.
The CEC for Finance and Economic Planning Francis Kigo Njenga was moved to the Department of Trade, Tourism, Cooperatives and Enterprise Development.
Mburu Kang’ethe, who was in charge of the Trade department was taken to the Finance docket.

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