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Honest Waitress returns sh. 60,000 accidentally dropped by customer.

A waitress at Nice Digital Hotel in Mwea, Kirinyaga County has received accolades for her honesty after she returned Sh 60,000 dropped by a customer at her place of work.
Eva Karendi (23) was going about her duties when she came across an abandoned purse with Sh 1,000 notes stacked inside. She immediately took it to the hotel’s management who later established that the purse belonged to Dr. Esther Mbaabu, a tutor at Meru Teachers College.
Dr. Mbaabu had misplaced the purse after dropping her daughter in school on Saturday. She said she had planned to send the money to a group of orphans she supports.
After realising she had lost the purse, she searched for the hotel’s contacts on the internet and called to enquire whether someone might have seen it.
“My husband and I had a meal at Nice Digital Hotel and made our way back to his car. I had not realised I had carried my purse into the hotel. I also did not have to, since I was not the one footing the bill for the meal. It was only after he dropped me at the Heritage Hotel at Nkubu that we realised my purse was not in the car,” she explained.
Esther applauded the waitress for her honesty and promised to support her to upgrade her education.
Eva hails from a humble background but that did not tempt her to keep the money for herself.

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