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Raila Odinga
- The ties that bind us are today under the severest of stress
- We as the leaders are equally summoned to reflect on our performance towards the achievements of our country’s aspirations
- The time has come for us to resolve our differences, they have become too entrenched
- We've responded to our challenges by mostly running from them, we have moved from election to election never asking what effects these challenges will have on our nation
- My brother and myself have therefore come together to say these differences stop here. We refuse to be leaders under whose watch Kenya becomes a failed state
- Our diversity appears to be a curse for us and for our future generations; we have given a lot of attention to institutional reforms in the hope that it could make us a blessed land
- We must come together to scoop the water that's been sipping in or we will all sink
- We refuse to let our diversity kill our nation; this is a call for self-reflection We have to challenge our readiness to allow our reforms to work
- Tumekuabiliana ya kwamba tutaunganisha Kenya. Kutoka hapa tutaunganisha taifa la Kenya (We have agreed with Uhuru Kenyatta to unite Kenya)

HE Uhuru Kenyatta
- We have had extensive discussions on matters Kenya and we have come to a common understanding, an understanding that Kenya is greater than any individual; for this country to come together then leaders must come together
- Starting today my brother and I have agreed that we will start a process of bringing our people together
- We look forward to the support of every single leader. To me this marks a new beginning for our country
- Elections come and go but Kenya remains; our future cannot be dictated by the forthcoming elections
- This country of Kenya is greater than any individual. Leaders must be able to discuss their differences

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