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Woman arrested for defiling blind minor, infects him with STI.

The 17-year old victim narrating his predicaments to the press at the Thika Police Station.

Police in Thika are holding a 40-year-old woman for allegedly defiling a 17-year-old blind boy.

Catherine Syokau was arrested on Monday morning in Kiandutu slums following an outcry from residents living with disability.

According to the boy (name withheld), the suspect committed the offence about two weeks ago at his cubicle which neighbours hers.

“She sneaked into my room at around 1am, undressed and pinned me onto my bed, threatening to harm me if I dared raise alarm,” explained the boy.

He added that he kept this secret to himself for fear of reprisal until two days ago when he started developing some abdominal pains around his bladder as well as some itchiness as he passed urine. 

Out of fear for the worst, the boy confided to a neighbour who is a friend to his guardian who then notified her of his predicaments.

When pressed to explain, he admitted that the mother of four has been pursuing the boy ever since he came to his auntie in Kiandutu.

“She has been very social and friendly to me ever since I came here. But of late, she has been asking me to be her husband since she is lonely and needs someone to help her fend for her kids,” explained the victim.

The boy said that she has been persuading him to start begging in the streets as many of his blind colleagues do, that way, he will have money to cater for her needs and those of her children.

However, when asked, Syokau vehemently denied and termed this as a set up to have her arrested.

Jane Wanjiru Nyaga, one of the blind people who had accompanied the victim to the police station bitterly lamented the manner in which persons living with disabilities were treated by the society. She said that their children were segregated and treated with contempt by their neighbour in what she described as ‘the blind can do nothing’ attitude.
Some of the blind parents who had accompanied the victim to the police station in a show of solidarity.
“The contempt has been extended to our own children who have been segregated and discriminated upon just because they are born from blind parents. His case is not an isolated one for in the past, we have lost some of our colleagues from similar attacks that ended up being fatal.” Said Wanjiru.

Eunice Mwangi, a community health volunteer based in Kiandutu concurred with her and lamented the lack of support to persons living with disabilities whenever any one of them was in any form of trouble.

“People have always looked down on them whenever they come out to complain of some injustice against them. No one takes them seriously as they are considered a liability even by the authorities,” lamented Eunice.

Thika OCPD Willy Simba assured them that they will arraign the suspect in court once they were through with their investigations.

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