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Tuktuk operators protest the murder of their colleague in Kiandutu.

Some tuktuk operators parking outside the Thika Police Station's gate on Monday in protest over the murder of their colleague.

It was business unusual on Monday morning in Thika town after tuktuk operators downed their tools to protest the murder of their colleague.

Up to a 100 tuktuks stormed Kiandutu AP Post and later sort audience with the Thika OCPD Willy Simba to demand better protection and seek justice for one of them who was struck with a blunt object as he waited for client to board his tuktuk on Sunday night.

Before heading to the police, the operators had attempted to arrest the suspect who was known to the residents, but their attempts were thwarted by some youth who repulsed them and threatened to get violent.

Cornered, the tuktuk operators retreated and went to the area AP camp where they demanded the arrest of the suspect who was still holed up in his hideouts.

With the help of some residents, the police smoked out the suspect simply known as Kinyua and frog matched him to the divisional headquarters.

According to them, the victim Kabiru aka Sagna, had gone to pick up a client in Kiandutu slums at around 9pm on Sunday.

As he waited for his client to board his tuktuk, some youth appeared from the dark and one of them hit him on the head with what appeared to be a huge stick, sending him sprawling on the ground instantly. His client plus another of his colleague rushed to assist but the attackers vanished into the dark alleys, living him at the mercy of fate.

They rushed him to Thika Level 5 Hospital but unfortunately succumbed to his injuries at around 1am Monday morning as he was about to be transferred to Kenyatta National Hospital.

His death elicited some anger among his colleagues who vowed to get to the bottom of the matter.

“The murderer is known as some people saw him hit Sagna on the head. He is a former convict who was recently released from Naivasha Maximum Prison on a similar assault case. He seems to be thirsty for blood and quite dangerous,” yelled one operator.

The operators said that they were fed up with being targeted and called on the police to increase patrols in Thika area. They admitted that they were scared on the streets especially while working at night, forcing them to avoid venturing into some estates, especially after 8pm due to insecurity. 

According to them, several operators have been victims of criminals posing as passengers but argued that the government was doing little to curb such incidents despite reporting these incidents to the police.

“For how long are we going to bury our own? It is unfair for innocent people to be killed and we have police officers who should be protecting us. These drivers are worried because they are out alone at all hours. All they want is an assurance they are safe at work,” said one of them.

Area OCPD Willy Simba appealed for calm and assured them that investigations in the matter were underway.

He asked members of the public to assist the police with the investigations.

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