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Juja Murders: What the government pathologist discovered.

File photos of the family that perished in Malaba village in Juja sub-county in what is suspected to be murder and eventual suicide of the killer who is the father. 
A report by the government pathologist revealed that Rosemary Kanini (the deceased mother) and her first born son Joe Muraya might have died a day before the other three members of their family.

According to Peter Ndegwa, the pathologist who did the postmortem on the five family members, both Kanini and Muraya’s bodies had already decomposed by the time they were received at City Mortuary.

“You could easily tell that they had died at least 24 hours earlier than the other three. The two had already decomposed,” said Ndegwa.

According to him, the eldest son had nine stab wounds on the neck while the younger twins Jeff Mutua and Joy Wangui had stab wounds on their heads. Mutua had an additional deep cut in his neck probably intended to cut it off.

Mutua’s twin sister Joy bore a deep wound on her stomach and lacerations on the head. Both twins had wounds in their mouths probably as a result of someone trying to muffle them into silence as their mother and elder brother were being killed.

According to the pathologist report, Kanini died of multiple stab wounds on her head and another deep stab wound on one side of her neck. She also had two lacerations on her head.

The results also indicated that she suffered a trauma that resulted from the stabbing by both blunt and sharp objects.

The postmortem results also revealed that Nderitu had no visible physical injuries in his body. Ndegwa says that his death was as a result of smoke inhalation and a 60% superfluous burns.

Meanwhile, details are now emerging that some of Nderitu’s relatives had warned him not to pursue the deal said to have been pushed on him by his former classmates, but he was adamant about going ahead. 

Lydia Mueke, Nderitu’s sister-in-law, says that based on information she had received from her sister Rosemary Kanini, some of Nderitu's classmates had approached him with claims of a lucrative tender to supply building stones to one of the military barracks in the country.

The former classmates convinced Nderitu that they had connections in the military and information about the tender. They reportedly told him that he needed Sh1.5 million in his bank account to secure the lucrative deal.

“He told the classmates he could not raise the money but they offered to help him raise Sh. 500,000 as he looked for the balance,” said Mueke.

She says that her brother-in-law embarked on a borrowing spree that saw him get money from dozens of people, including her.

It has emerged that Nderitu's wife Kanini was against the deal when he told her about it but he was adamant old man for killing wife about going ahead with it.  

“Our sister told her husband that she was uncomfortable with the deal and asked him to look for other avenues of raising money but he was adamant and said he we was confident the deal was solid,” said Mueke.

Bishop Ernest Karanja of Eagle Life International Church, which Nderitu’s wife attended, said he also tried to prevail upon him to abandon the deal without success. He said Kanini and her husband visited him one evening two weeks ago, when Nderitu shared information about the deal with him.

“After listening to him, I warned him to be wary of the people he was dealing with because matters to do with money are usually very sensitive," said the bishop.

But Nderitu had insisted that the deal was sound and that he was optimistic that the deal was clean because he was dealing with his former classmates.

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