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NEW TWIST! Was there another party involved in Nderitu family’s deaths?

Patrick Nderitu, the man accused to have killed his entire family and taken his own life in Malaba village, Juja Constituency.
The mother to Patrick Nderitu, the man accused of killing his wife and three children in Malaba Village in Juja Constituency on Monday night, now claims that her son might have been kidnapped before the incident.

Speaking at her home in Karembu village, Nyeri County, Cecilia Karuiru said that the couple cut off communication with family and friends four days before the tragedy, adding that her daughter-in-law had first called to check on her but when she tried to call back the same evening, the couple’s phones were off. She tried to reach them on phone again on Friday and Saturday with no success.

She narrated how worried they were with the unfolding events of Nderitu’s family, prompting her to send her youngest son to visit the family and check on them. The son reported that the family was not at home.

The grief-stricken mother adds that she received a call on Sunday from a stranger who introduced himself as his son’s neighbour. The caller informed her that Nderitu had been kidnapped but had escaped and was fine.

She says that she would have travelled to his home to understand what was really happening, but it was late.

That same evening, however, she received another call from the same number but this time, her son was on the line.

“I tried to inquire what had happened, but he dismissed it as a long story that could not be discussed over the phone. We agreed to meet tomorrow (Tuesday) morning since the information was sensitive,” said Cecilia.

He insisted that she visits him at his home in Juja.

At 7am on Tuesday, as she prepared to travel, she got a call informing her of the tragedy. Nevertheless, confused and heart-broken, she still travelled, only this time the destination was the City Mortuary where the bodies had been taken.

Cecilia says the couple met in 2010 and settled in Juja where they rented a house and recently moved into their own. The two had not reported to the family any issues in their marriage, she said, describing her son as a quiet person and the couple as being in love.

Kanini’s friends however said she had been having problems with her husband for some time, while her sister Lydiah Mueke insisted Nderitu committed the killings after being conned by people he allegedly went to school with.

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