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Samuel Kuria Ngugi aka Vizzy Vee Thika's Number One Hype Man.

Samuel Kuria Ngugi aka Vizzy Vee is Thika's renowned Emcee, on stage during a past event.

Samuel Kuria Ngugi aka Vizzy Vee is Thika's renowned Emcee, with an experience spanning close to 13 years in the entertainment scene he has worked with key players in the industry such as Respect Entertainment in Tanzania, Thika's Klub Vybster and Klub Porkies. The celebrated Emcee reveals to us that he got the name Vizzy back in high school, Viz means making it clear, most of his peers relied on him to submit most of their grievances to the school Principal. The young man is very spiritual and he always finds time to attend church.

1. Did you grow up in Thika?

Yes I am born and raised in this town, I grew up in Kiganjo Estate, went to General Kago Primary School, back then the school was the only school with bath room that had a shower, having completed my High School, I was among the first students to enroll at Thika Institute of Technology (now Mount Kenya University), my childhood memories about this town are very nostalgic we used to go to watch Dj Afro movies at a place called Dallas, sometimes we were daring enough to cross River Chania and got and eat pineapples in Del Monte and also swim at the river, not forgetting we never missed Group Africa road shows that were frequently held at Moi Market.

2. What do you like about Thika Town?

Thika is a cool town, the cost of living is not that high, most of the basic essentials such as food, shelter and clothing are affordable,most of the residents in this town are friendly, though insecurity is a serious issue in major urban centers we have continued to enjoy relative calm,also Thika is slowly turning into an entertainment hub with lots of entertainment spots sprouting out we can only liken it to towns like Mombasa, in fact Thika is "Mombasa Ndogo".

3. What would like to change about Thika?

Thika has experienced a rather slow growth in embracing digital marketing, it becomes frustrating when you try to convince a client to market their product through digital avenues such as social media, blogs such as Thika Town Today, the entertainment scene has not been left behind most establishments are not willing to pay artists such as I the standard amount of money that our career demands, I would like to see this change it becomes hard for us to stick to one job that is why I juggle many jobs in order to make that money for me to pay my bills.

4.  As an Emcee how is it working in Thika?

It has taken quite long for people to realise what I do as an Emcee, with most of my fan base coming form major learning institutions and the fact that most of them are not permanent residents of this Thika, building a brand has taken a lot of persistence though I have gotten lots of support from them.

5.  What three things would you say to sell Thika as a place is worth visiting?

Being a pineapple land and the home of Delmonte Ltd I would tell them to come a have a bite or two of our tasty fruits, Thika residents are quite friendly, the entertainment scene in this town is just awesome I'd love them to come and have a feel of those things first hand.

Connect with Vizzy Vee on Instagram Vizzy Vee 
                                   Facebook.com Vizzy Vee

Also catch him on https://www.facebook.com/focustvkenya where he hosts a show called The Turn Up every Friday 10 pm  and Mziki Mnene alongside HighGrade Vj A Plus Monday to Thursday 5:00 to 6:30. 

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