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Father's Day Interview with the The Coolest Young Daddy. (Guest Post)

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Daddies day out Mwema with his son. Photo||Courtesy


The contribution of parents in an individual’s life cannot be understood. As a young mummy I cannot over emphasize this point, whenever I look back to what my paroz invested themselves completely and ask for nothing in return while raising my siblings and I and look at my son it feels great.
However, young daddies are a special category of special persons in our lives that more often than not have being  taken for granted  by society.

As we carry out our routine exercises  and immerse ourselves in everything  that life has to offer, I feel that It is only fitting that I feature two cool young dads in my Father’s Day post as they shed light on what the feel about this day as well as remind how special they are to us.Following this, several counties across the world observe Father’s Day on the third Sunday in the month of June. A father’s contribution in his child’s life is tremendous, and this day seeks to celebrate his presence. 

Therefore today's post is a break from the norm I have decided to share a candid interview that i did with two cool young daddies about their Daddy experience and the challenge of being a father at a young age.

1.Who is Christian Mwema?
I am an Accountant. Am married to an amazing woman- Rose Wanjiru and we are blessed (so far) with one outstanding and uniquely wonderful boy, Cruston Mwema (3yrs).

2.How does your son address you?
Cruston calls me “BABA”, He’s not very eloquent with words but hearing him say that or call me that really makes me happy. 

3.How do you relate with him?
We at times have a conversation and though you cannot comprehend what he is saying exactly, we understand each other.  We are very close. He likes playing with cars, watching animations and cartoons, playing football and am mostly his play mate.
4.What are the challenges you face in relation to work and parenting?
Being a bread winner obviously means you have to work, and now since the family has an extra member, you have to work extra harder. With that comes picking up a side hustle which eventually means you have to be away on work and end up not spending as much time as you would like with your family.

5.How was your schedule before and after the baby came?
Before He came into our lives, we used to “YOLO”, as in, we used to party like alot, attend each and every function we were invited or any of our friend is holding. Nowadays, we have put a limitation to this since we have someone more important who also wants to spend time with us. You are not forced to change your previous lifestyle but with the affection you have for the children you just change. In the long run it is for the better.

6.How is your relation with your father?
My father was not there for most part of my life. He passed on way back in 2006. We did not share much with him. He was there yes, but, I think it is the way we were raised, children were not very free with the older generation. I try to be more involved in my son’s life. I want to create an impression of someone approachable. 

7.What are your worst fears for your child?
Thank God am able to provide for my family. That is a God-given responsibility to all husbands and fathers. My worst fear is, at any one time, due to some situation am not able to fulfill this. It would really break my heart. My wife is back to school and I support her all the way. We both want our son to have a good life and a future and we toil to make sure that happens.

8.Advice to a dad to be….             
There is no set qualification for one to be a father. Some couples struggle to get a child, so I am really humbled to have Cruston in my life. He has given me a purpose in life. 


Being a father has been the most amazing thing in my life and I love each day of it. Am wiser now and appreciate life more. I want to raise someone with morals, a future husband to someone, a man that befits the name of A MAN in the society. I want to provide a good example to my son on how to relate and treat women in the community. I want my son to look back and be proud of what He has become.

The writer is wife and a mum of one boy, and a blogger she has a keen interest in writing about experiences that young mothers have faced while juggling between careers,school and being youths. 

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