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Evaluate candidates carefully, Vimal advises Kenyans as we approach August 8.

Bidco Africa Chairman Vimal Shah addressing participants during the company's launch of their code of conduct.
Bidco Africa Chairman Vimal Shah has advised Kenyans to carefully vet all leaders before voting for them in the August 8 General Elections saying that their choice of leaders was key to the kind of future they would live.

In an exclusive interview after launching the company’s code of conduct, Vimal appealed to wananchi to refrain themselves from being lured with money as this was tantamount to bringing into office the wrong brand of leaders.

“It is unfortunate that we have made money a prerequisite for elections and this is something that needs to change. But my advice to the people is; Vote wisely. Make sure you vote for development oriented leaders who will improve your own area,” said Vimal.

“They may not be able to give you money. They may not also have the resources but what really matters is their integrity and drive to improve the lives of their people,” he added.

The Bidco chairman reckoned that every citizen had a personal responsibility to ensure they kicked negative politics out of our systems.

He added that, as the business community, it did not really matter who was in power as what mattered to every Kenyan was who would champion wealth creation.

“As the business community, we are not worried about the elections. This is just an election. As we approach these elections, the question in every Kenyan mind is, ‘who is gonna lead our economy?’ The ideology of all Kenyans is pro-job creation, pro-growth and pro-expansion because the demographics are increasing, the population is now at 5o million people. They need food, shelter and clothing. Our prime objective here should be how we can create more jobs,” he said.

However, he pointed an accusing finger to the media whom he accused of hyping the issue of elections instead of focusing on educating the public on the constitution, their responsibility to maintaining peace and also holding politicians to account for their deeds.

“Every day our headlines are about Elections Elections Elections! Things will only change if the media start taking responsibility to promoting peace, good leadership, non-violence in word and deeds,” he explained.

He added that the time had come when Kenyans stopped looking at each other on the basis of tribe or political affiliations as this only drove them into playing into the whims of politicians.

“A lot of our politicians are playing to the gallery. They never walk their talk. In public they say one thing but do the exact opposite behind the scenes. Ni wajibu wetu to change this,” said Vimal.

He advised the media and members of public to make all politicians sign a code of ethics and a peace pact with them so as to publicly compel them to commit themselves to maintain peace during and after the general elections. He also advised all those who will lose in the elections to accept defeat and if at all they felt aggrieved, to use the Kenyan legal system to seek justice.

“This is just another election. There will be a winner and a loser in every position contested. If a loser feels that they were unfairly robbed off their victory, there is the rule of law. Just go to the courts and seek justice in the right way,” he concluded. 

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