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Thika based bloggers and content producers trained on how improve on their craft.

Bloggers and content producder listen keenly to the facilitator at BAKE training held in Thika.
Bloggers Association of Kenya on Saturday, 17th June held a day long training at the Coconut Grill Hotel where participants were trained on : Writing good social issues content, Social media skills, Health content,Blogging ethics and Understanding copyright.

The course which was facilitated by bloggers Rayhab Gachango of http://www.potentash.com/, Abel Muhatia of biznews.co.ke and Shitemi Khamadi dhahabu.co.ke  covered various topics such as blogging ethics which seeks to promote good online conduct.  It also touched on Social Media focusing on what to apply while engaging others on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Google+ and other social media platforms.

Lifestyle Blogger Rayhab Gachango facilitation the BAKE training held in Thika town.
Speaking during the training Lifestyle Blogger Rayhab Gachango emphasised on the importance of bloggers attending such workshops, “The reason why BAKE saw it necessary to train you is because we want to see that there is a great improvement in content development in Kenya, if we have many bloggers being trained we believe this will go an extra mile in revolutionizing the Kenya's blog sphere," said Rayhab.
Participants were encouraged to continue building content as well as build on their brands.

The training was absolutely free and  was in partnership with the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation.

The increasing popularity in blogging is evident,the first growing trend is largely influenced by the online culture in Kenya, however its is evident that not all bloggers have the necessary skills required in blogging or even the any knowledge pertaining online code of conduct and how they can utilise their platforms to write about social and public health issues.

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