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How Kelson Kimani Was Abducted… The Chronological Of Events.

Kiambu County Commander Adaile Nyange speaking to the press after the successful mission to rescue Kelson Kimani on Tuesday.
It was more than 96 hours of agony for the family of Johnson Wambugu and Catherine Nyambura after kidnappers struck their home in Thika’s Section 9 and abducted their 4 year old son Kelson Kimani.

Friday evening at around 7:30pm, a gang of four masked and armed men stormed into the compound of Johnson Wambugu accompanied by their immediate neighbour who was alleged to have been hijacked and forced to help the gang gain entry into the house. Inside the house were their three kids, their house help and Johnson’s mother.

They went straight into the kitchen where the senior members were preparing dinner and ordered everyone to lie down on the floor.

Just about the same time, Catherine Nyambura, Kelson’s mother, arrived from work in a Tuktuk and noticed a Toyota Noah Station wagon parked immediately outside their gate. She noticed a man standing near the vehicle and instructed the Tuktuk driver to let her alight from a distance. As she approached her house, she was alarmed by the screams of her children, something that prompted to instinctively try to scream as she ran back towards the Tuktuk.

“Before I could turn away, the man who was standing outside pointed a gun at me and warned me against doing anything silly. He instructed me to shut up and guided me towards the house,” said Catherine.

Inside the house she found the whole family on the floor and was immediately ordered to follow suit. The children’s mouths were then sealed with tapes to stop them from screaming and raising alarm.

The armed men terrorised them for quite a while and started demanding quite a substantial amount of money. They ransacked the whole house and took away from Catherine, all her day’s proceeds from their business plus some money that was in the house.

When Catherine failed to raise the amount they were demanding, they sprung and grabbed Kelson Kimani and attempted to take their last born son too who is one year old. Catherine managed to squeeze their seven year old daughter underneath the bed, an act that saved her from the abductors.

“Our house help hung on our last born and pinned him underneath her belly to deny them the boy. The beat her so much but she stuck to her guts. Eventually, they gave up on him and dashed out of the house with Kelson, leaving us lying on the floor,” explained Catherine.

The mother-in-law claimed that she had hidden her phone under the couch and asked the maid to go and collect it so that they could call for help.

“Our neighbour volunteered to go and collect it but instead came with the bad news that the cellphone had no seam card. The seam card was later found broken into two pieces and dumped in the kitchen sink,” said the older mom.

The neighbour, who is now one of the suspects in police custody, rushed to see where the kidnappers had gone, only to come with yet another bad news that she was not able to trace their whereabouts.

Later, with the help of neighbours, they were able to call Johnson and report the incident to the Thika Police Station where the manhunt for the criminals kicked off.

The neighbour who were with them was later arrested for questioning but released later the following day. 

Her freedom was short-lived as she was later rearrested and held in police custody.

“We hope those who have my son will be kind enough to release him. It is our hope that they will not hurt him,” was all Wambugu could say on Sunday when the press and various leaders visited the home.

Kelson was all along being held in various places and was tracked in Ruaka in Kiambaa constituency before the suspects attempted to transfer him on suspicion that they were being trailed by the police. They were intercepted Flying Squad on Tuesday in Kasarani area on their way to Mwiki.

Seven suspects have been arrested, among them five women, with three others still at large even though they have been identified.

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