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Parental Instincts Override Political Ambitions As MP, Aspirant Join Residents To Celebrate Kelson’s Return.

As the saying goes, the pain of a child is best known by the parent. Thika MP Alice Ng’ang’a and one of her fiercest challenger in the Thika Town Constituency seat in the August 8 General Elections Patrick Wainaina (Wa Jungle) rescheduled all their political and personal commitments to join the family and friends of the family of Kelson Kimani Wambugu in celebrating the return of their son from the jaws of kidnappers.

The two braved the cold night until around midnight to praise God and encourage the Wambugu family as they came to terms of that very emotional reunion. All the way from the Thika Police Station to the family’s residence in Section 9, the politicians brushed shoulders with the residents as they sang and danced praises in acknowledgement of God’s ability.

Speaking at both the Thika Police Station and at the Wambugu’s, the Thika MP called on the police to take stern action against the perpetrator of this heinous act so as to serve as a deterrent to anyone with a similar motive. She thanked the police for the good work and the residents of Thika for the unity they portrayed during this whole ordeal.

“I appeal to the police to make sure the seven who are in their custody get severe punishment so as to deter others who might want to put another family through the agony this family went through during the last few days. No one should be allowed to bail them out in whatever reason,” said Alice.

On his part, Wainaina appealed to the residents to act their brother’s keeper as they embraced the Nyumba Kumi Initiative as this was one sure way that would enhance the security of every citizen. He added that it was upon every person to be vigilant and smoked out any suspicious characters within their areas as no one would tell how and when they would strike.

“What has happened to the Wambugu family can happen to anyone else. It is only that it just happened to be them this time. Personally, I am the chairperson of the Nyumba Kumi programme in our cluster and I can attest that it really helps to know who your neighbours are. In this way, we will be in a position to secure our surroundings and ourselves,” said Wainaina.

Wainaina also called on the society to learn to appreciate the good work that the police did to ensure our safety.

“I am very sorry to say that, as human beings, we are always very quick to condemn and crucify the police every time one of them did something wrong, but we rarely appreciate and acknowledge the good deed that they do to make us safe. On my part and on behalf of the residents of Thika, I will take this opportunity to thank the police for bringing Kelson back safe to his family. I will organise with the thika business community to have a party with the security organs just as a token of appreciation for their good work,” concluded Wainaina.

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