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Politicians Express Reservations On The President’s Choice Of Elected Leaders To Run Jubilee Campaign

Three prominent Jubilee leaders on Sunday expressed their reservations against Jubilee Party’s choice of elected MPs and governors to lead the team running the president’s re-election campaigns in their regions.

Speaking in different forums, the leaders sighted the fact that they were all interested parties and there was no way they would act fairly against their competitors.

“I am fully behind President Uhuru Kenyatta in his quest for re-election and I will personally campaign for him. Otherwise, the choice of using our competitors to run the presidential campaigns pose a very serious conflicts of interest as they are all interested parties in next year’s elections. It will be very difficult for us to agree on a programme together as they too feel that we were threatening their positions. It is our humble appeal that we get neutral people to oversee the exercise,” said Eng. Patrick Wainaina (Wa Jungle) at AIPCA Church in Thika.

Wainaina added that neutral officials would guarantee all the aspirants equal opportunities to deal with both the local and presidential campaigns. He recalled an earlier statement by the president when he stated that the Jubilee party would be headed by officials who were not interested in political positions so as to offer unbiased attention to all candidates.

On his part, Kiambu Gubernatorial candidate Dr. Rev. David Kariuki Ngari (Gakuyo) said that he was not opposed to the appointment rather he stressed that fairness was key to their stay in Jubilee Party.

“I personally would like to tell the president that if the primaries will be fair and if at all we lose fairly to our competitors, we will stick to the party. But if we realise foul play in the process, we will definitely seek alternative parties that will act as our vehicle to the ballot box,” said Gakuyo.

Speaking at the Thika Stadium during the launch of Kikuyu Gospel Artist Muigai Wa Njoroge’s new album, Kiambu Governor said that he was the undisputed Kiambu kingpin in politics.

On matters campaigns, Wainaina called on all the leaders to lead by example in the fight against violence by discouraging their supporters against chaos. He said that no development or job creation for the youth could be realised in an environment of chaos.

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