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It Is Official! Gakuyo Is In The Kiambu 2017 Gubernatorial Race.

Rev. Gakuyo responding to questions from the members of the press in a previous function.

It is now official!
Rev. Dr. David Kariuki Ngari of Gakuyo Real Estates and Ekeza SACCO has officially announced his entry into the 2017 Kiambu gubernatorial seat.

Speaking at the Thika AIPCA Church on Sunday after a Harambee in aid of the church, Rev. Ngari said the urge to vie for the seat was driven by the pressure by fellow clergy and his personal conviction to offer ‘alternative and servant leadership’ which was lacking amongst his competitors.

“The time has come when the church can no longer play from outside. It is time we (clergy) claimed our positions to salvage Kiambu County and Kenya as a whole from corruption,” said Rev. Ngari.

Gakuyo claimed that Kiambu people have wasted the last five years under a leadership entangled in political wars and shenanigans that only ended up hurting people. He said that his was about cohesion among all levels of leadership.

“Five years is a very long time to be wasted just nursing other people’s ego. We want involvement of the people in running the affairs of their county. Kiambu is ailing because of being subjected to an individual’s ego. We want to offer alternative leadership that will unite all the people of Kiambu and all its leaders to work as a team for the glory of this beautiful and rich county,” said Gakuyo.

He said that it was pointless for anyone to seek for re-election if at all they had failed to deliver within the period they were in office. Arguing that Kiambu was very rich in resources, the Rev. wondered why farmers failed to enjoy the fruits of their labour, why the business community in Kiambu was crying over punitive rates. He suggested the idea of his government coming up with a programme where the residents of Kiambu would be empowered through Saccos.

He pointed out that his managerial skills in running both Gakuyo Real Estates and Ekeza Sacco where he is the CEO and chairman respectively, saying that was all Kiambu needed to hit the skies.

“As residents, we should be careful not to jump from the flying pan to the fire next year. It is now clear that the governor’s position needs a manager who has been tested and certified to be a performer. Gakuyo has all the requisite qualities for the position since he has proved to be that kind of person from the way he has run his two companies,” said Gakuyo.

Gakuyo said that he wasn’t at scared of his opponents’ brand of politics saying, as a Rev. and a man of God, he had nothing to hide or fear.

“What is dirty about politics? That is usually a ploy by politicians to put of the men and women of the cloth. Otherwise, if we come across the dirt, we will wash it in Jesus name. We have broken free from the yoke of being tied in church by being restricted from engaging in politics.”

He said that he was unconcerned with the opponents’ violent nature in politics saying that his sole mission was to seek the people’s vote peacefully.

The real estate mogul will face off with incumbent William Kabogo, Kabete MP Ferdinand Waititu, Gakuru Kanyanja, Njoki Gathendu and James Nyoro who have also announced their candidature for the coveted JP ticket in the primaries.

Kabogo and Waititu have been embroiled in a bitter political acrimony as each seek to outshine each other and endear themselves to voters.

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