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Two Suspected Deaths And Muggings Mar Muigai, Kabogo Fete In Thika.

A section of the crowd that attended the Muigai Wa Njoroge fete at Thika Stadium. (Inset) Governor William Kabogo and Muigai following the proceedings from the main dais.

Unconfirmed reports allege that a man was shot by the police and another one said to have been stoned to death by the members of public on Sunday evening night after they were caught mugging and robbing revelers who were heading home from a musical fete organised to launch popular Kikuyu gospel artist Muigai Wa Njoroge in Thika Stadium.

Several people sustained injuries following a stampede that ensued outside the Thika Stadium shortly after the departure of Kiambu Governor William Kabogo, Muigai and other dignitaries, as a crowd of youths started mugging and attacking people in impunity.

Officers from the Administration Police and regular police from Thika were forced to lob teargas canisters and fire live bullets in the air to disperse the rowdy youth who were so stubborn and taking advantage of the big crowd to dodge the police.

Police were forced into a cat and mouse game for more than one and a half hours, completely paralysing activities within the town’s CBD.

Our reporters were holed in the stadium for more than an hour before they could leave the venue via the Thika main bus station at around 8pm. All that time, gunshots and teargas blasts could be heard from various sections of the CBD. Police land cruisers could be seen speeding with their sirens on trying to maintain calm within the area.

It is alleged that the youth who started this chaos were angered by the fact that Governor Kabogo failed to tip them, and instead sped off without stopping. Our sources say that it was out of those frustrations, plus possible political rivalry, that the youth resulted to the muggings.

“Wameniambia lete hiyo sime na pesa ama tukudunge na kisu!” said one of the victims of the muggings.

He said that he was attacked by a group of about 8 boys. He claimed that, within a fraction of a second, he was emptied all his valuables and kicked away. He said that his was just a replica of what transpired along Kenyatta Highway, Stadium Road and near the Thika main stage.

It has been the norm in Thika for such mugging incidents to occur every time such an event occurs. It happened again last year during De Mathew music career cerebrations in the same venue.

Transport services were paralysed for more than an hour with the Whiteline Stage choked with teargas. Women and children had a rough time running away from the chaos.

By the time calm was restored, the town was jammed with so many stranded commuters seeking to head home. Fares were hiked threefold as the traffic jams especially in and out of the town taking root.

Otherwise, the cerebrations in the Thika Stadium was rather calm save for one or two incidents of pickpockets here and there. The people had a very great evening, having being entertained by popular Kikuyu music artists who included Bahati, John De Mathew, Kigia Wa Esther, DK Wa Wanja, Jane Muthoni, Loise Kim among others.

Various leaders graced the occasion. They included the host governor William Kabogo, his Murang’a counterpart Mwangi Wa Iria, Kiambu County Assembly Speaker Hon. Gathii Irungu, several sitting MCAs, Thika Town Constituency Aspirant Patrick Wainaina among others.

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