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PMG Blames The Electorate For Bad Leadership In The Country.

 A prominent Muranga politician has linked the nation’s numerous challenges, including bad leadership to the inability of the electorate to elect credible leaders.

PMG Kamau (Njuguna Wa Ruthi), a 2017 Kandara Parliamentary aspirant, said until the electorate altered their voting attitude, Kenya would never find solutions to its socio-economic problems.

He said that as electorate the people have failed to serve the country well by always coming up with indecisive vote, singling out the practice of people electing “the local favourite”, the “local lunatic” or whoever had money to dish out, at the expense of development conscious leaders who had a great vision for their people.

“Our problem can be zeroed in on the leaders we elect and the people we put in places of power and position and this matters a lot. The electorate should begin to see how we elect the right people to the places of authority and decision making. If we can resolve that, I think a lot of our problems will be solved. Many times, the people with money also have good communication and they can get into places of authority; but if we begin to define the kind of country we are looking forward to and the people that can lead us to the place where we want to be, we will get it right,” said PMG.

He lamented that Kandara Constituency and the general Central Kenya Region lagged behind because the leaders who are in office intimidate and scare off any efforts by their local elites to initiate any development project in fear of losing popularity or their seats.

“Our greatest enemy especially in Kandara and Murang’a in general are our people because of the kind of people we vote into office. Our youth are suffering because you voted in the wrong crop of leaders. Let me tell you, if you get it wrong in the choice of leadership, you must be ready to bear the blunt of poor leadership. Choices have consequences (Deuteronomy 30). If you want to identify a good leader, read Psalms 23 and John 10. If you want to identify the wrong leader, he is in Ezekiel 34,” he added.

He added that the fruits of this kind of partnerships were evident when the Kibaki regime moved the country from a GDP of 0% to 7%. This, he said, had now boiled down to the grassroots where small groups and individuals can now benefit and grow.

“My people perish for lack of knowledge. We need to involve the best participatory practices by partnering with those people who help develop our areas. The Kibaki Government succeeded because in put on board the private sector who injected the best practices into the government. The only devolved governments that will succeed in this era are those that will embrace public-private partnerships into their governance,” he said when he presided over a women groups leaders’ seminar in Kandara Town.

He said that the people needed to focus on result-based management if at all they wanted anything meaningful in their areas.

“If we elect people based on what they can deliver rather than what they just say, we will get it right. They can deliver very well, looking at their track records and what they have been before being elected, I think it will be part of the solution to the problem.” Said Wa Ruth.

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