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Do Not Wait For Free Nominations, Fight For Your Rightful Place In Leadership, Women Advised.

Kamenu Ward MCA Elizabeth Muthoni Hussein has challenged women in the Republic of Kenya rise up and vie for seats instead of waiting for free political appointments.

Though she supported the idea of bigger representation, Muthoni threw the challenge to the women to take advantage of their numbers to win political seats

“Yes, I support the idea of women getting more seats but I also advise them to not to always sit back and wait for free seats. Let me remind them that we are the majority in the country and if at all we fought for many of these seats, we can definitely avoid all these challenges we face as women,” she said.

In interview with a vernacular TV station on Monday evening, Muthoni advised the women to move to the grassroots and show the people that they too could lead.

“My people have been electing me because of my efforts to work with them and always showing through my deeds that I am capable. We as women have no weaknesses but they must learn to co-exist with men and work with everyone as teammates. To win the people, let’s learn as women to live with them the same way we do within our homes,” she said.

She admitted that as a woman leader, it was quite a challenge since at times men tried to put her down but she always stood firm on her position and also called on the people to come and work with her.

Muthoni also called on Thika leaders to stop playing politics with the issue of Madaraka Market in Makongeni. She admitted that Madaraka Market had been a challenge to her for quite a long time because of the kind of negative politics that has been surrounding it.

“In most cases, politicians ignore the challenges that we face at the grassroots. When they come and see its large population, they usually come and take advantage of them to solicit for votes. Some politicians at times come and spread falsehoods that the market has been sold to certain people which is not true. So, when such information is laid bare to these people it creates confusion,” said Muthoni.

She claimed that the real issue that was ailing the market was the tussle between the county and the central government which she said would be determined by the courts. She admitted to the fact that the traders have yet to find a solution to their fate due to various issues that included the already court cases that were filed in relation to the torching of the market in November last year.

Muthoni said that time was ripe for all leaders to come back to their right senses and see the value of this market. She said that the market meant a lot to the people of Kamenu Ward as it was one of their biggest asset considering the number of people and businesses it supported.

“Other than the traders who sell their goods directly in the market, very many bodaboda riders, kiosk owners and so on, depend on the market for their daily upkeep. The market is a big asset to the whole community. So, when come to play dirty politics here, they should know that it is the development of this area they are sabotaging and creating problems to our people,” she said.

Muthoni said that among the her achievements as the area representative were the development of road network in the area, a police post in Kiganjo, resettling Kiang’ombe residents and the construction of a girls’ secondary school.

She also said that she was very pleased that soon the Kiganjo sewerage problem, which has been a thorn in the flesh, will soon be commissioned.

She concluded by saying that the security of her 80,000 plus constituents was good now that Kamenu Ward had two police stations in Makongeni and Kiganjo.

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