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I Do Whatever I Do In Defence Of Wanjiku. - Waititu

Kabete MP MP Ferdinand Waititu, ‘Baba Yao’, has defended himself against allegations that he was unfit to lead Kiambu County since he was a “serial law breaker” and a violent person. He said that those spreading the rumours were clearly acting in fear after realising that he was now poised to take over Kiambu leadership come 2017.

He added that it was in the same vein, that the same people were spreading untruths about his educational background.

“Some ‘demons’ can only be ejected through force. And that is exactly what I did in Embakasi when I was their MP. It was through my intervention that I saved Mama Lucy Kibaki Hospital from land grabbers who were using their ill-gotten money to frustrate court proceedings,” said Waititu when he accompanied Thika Town MP Alice Ng’ang’a to witness the commissioning of the Thika By-pass project on Friday.

“My papers were cleared by IEBC during the last General Elections. I am using the same papers to pursue my Masters degree in Methodist University,” he said.

He challenged Kiambu Governor William Kabogo to also prove the authenticity of his own academic documents saying the governor never attended Panjab University.

Waititu also took issue with the CORD brigade who he termed them as liars.

“Raila is so fond of repeating a lie so many times until it is seen as if it was the truth. CORD are just picking on the IEBC because they are sure of defeat come 2017,” he said.

He said that as law abiding citizens, CORD should petition IEBC in Parliament and prove their case through evidence. He said that they would counter CORD’s demonstrations if at all they did not stop.

“Tutawanyorosha mpaka tuwaondoe huko,” he warned. (We will deal with them till they we eject them from their demos).

He said that as Jubilee, they stood by the Deputy President William Ruto, especially in the wake of CORD’s attack on the DP. He argued that the opposition was only geared towards creating a wedge between the different factions within Jubilee.

“If they have evidence to prove that Ruto did the things they claim, why don’t they present their evidence in court instead of wasting our time with uncalled for populist innuendos and insinuations,” he said.
Gatundu South MP Moses Kuria dismissed Raila Odinga’s endless whining saying that his was a case of a perpetual loser.

“Alisema aliibiwa na Chesoni, Chesoni akakufa. Akasema ameibiwa na Kivuito naye akakufa. Baadaye akasema ameibiwa na Hassan. Kwani ni yeye tu ndiye huibiwa na wale wamekufa na wale wako hai? Shida yake si referee wala uchaguzi wenyewe. Shida ni yeye mwenyewe!" said Kuria.

(He claimed Chesoni stole his votes, Chesoni died. He alleged the same against the Late Kivuitu and now Hassan. Does it mean he is the only one whose votes are stolen by both the living and the dead? His problem is not with the referee nor the elections themselves. He is the problem).

He said that he was very willing to assist CORD in their Monday demonstrations by helping them with what he refered to as RYS (Raila Youth Service) which would assist them in shedding tears.

“We are going to help him with his ‘Machozi Mondays’ by assisting the government procure more and more tear gas for them,” he concluded.

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