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Finally, The Thika Town Today Transformation Train Has Officially Left The Station…..

The journey of a thousand miles, they say, starts with a step and the reason why progressive societies continue to be progressive is because everyone knows where they stand and where they wonna be. Every level of life demands different versions of ourselves, and there is always a need for each one of us to keep working on our growth.

After quite great mind boggling, Thika Town Today has officially made it very clear to the doubting Thomases that the time for making objections and illusions has passed. In a meeting held on Thursday 26th May 2016 at Moments Coffee House, the members agreed that it time we actualised our dreams and moved to the next level.

In the previous meeting, the members had identified the fact that the forum was a real recipe for growth but only if we took full advantage of the opportunities that presented themselves along the way. They resolved to use it as a vehicle to network, make business and grow social-economically.

Consequently, Thursday’s meeting was a scheduled as a strategic forum to lay down the ground rules for the way forward and a foundation to the drive.

After an hour or so of intensive deliberations, the members made the following resolutions:-
  •      The long-term goal of this group is to make it a vehicle for growth, individually and as a group. This was only possible if we had a unifying factor that would always draw us together.
  •      We should set up immediate and long term targets that would motivate us to turn our vision for the future into reality. This would help us know where to concentrate our efforts on and quickly spot distractions that can easily lead our focus astray.
  •       Immediately start working on our plan of action so as to achieve the goals we set for ourselves. To achieve this, we agreed on a To-Do List of the things that we had to work on in order to make our dreams real and achievable.
Our To-Do List was as follows:
i)                    The group should start a welfare forum that will act as a unifying factor and keep bringing members together as a team geared towards their ultimate goals.
ii)                    The long-term objective of this group is to transform into a SACCO where the members can save with intent to invest and acquire loans for individual and communal growth.
iii)                  The group starts own online shop (similar to Jumia or Pigia-me) that member can sell their wares online to Thika and the rest of the world.
iv)                 Create other forums of marketing their goods geared to reaching the members of the society who were offline or could not access the net. In this regard, the members resolved to eventually start own weekly publication as well as a bulk SMSing service where they could advertise their wares/services at discounted prices.
v)                  To keep the ball rolling, members agreed to be meeting by-monthly (i.e. twice a month), on the 2nd and last Thursdays of every month.
vi)                 In every sitting, members will be obliged to contribute Ksh. 1,000 towards the actualisation of these goals. The money will be kept as savings for individual members and later transformed into members’ shares in the SACCO.

Next month’s meetings will be held on the 9th and 23rd of June at 4:30pm in Moments Coffee House.

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