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Prophetess ‘Ejects And Casts Away’ Demons Causing Boy To Vomit Metallic Objects.

Hundreds of curious residents of Kambiti area of Makuyu Sub-County over the weekend jammed the home of Agnes Wairimu in Majoy Village, Kiamianga to witness spiritual deliverance of her son, David Macharia, who was said to have been possessed with evil spirits.

Word had it that a prophetess Mary Wanjiru Kinyanjui from the nearby Kenol Town had planned to visit the homestead and pray for the boy and cast out the demons that had ‘taken over his body and life’.

When our crew arrived in the area at around 10am, the road adjacent to their home as well as the homestead were so crowded that one could hardly move around. We had to actually force our way through the crowd so as to access the home.

Security personnel from both Kambiti and Makuyu had been deployed so as to ensure the security of those affected since there was some rumour going round that the residents were ready to lynch the culprits in case they were revealed in the ‘redemption’. The people were also eager to see, with their own eyes, the ‘demons’ as they got ejected from the victim.

Donned in her ‘spiritual’ regalia, Prophetess Wanjiru arrived and started casting away the demons along the notorious Nairobi-Meru Highway, sprinkling some ‘holy’ water along the road and speaking in tongues. 

Doing some ecstatic utterances in an unusually speech-like sounds only understood to herself, Prophetess Wanjiru ‘chased’ the demons that were demanding for human blood along the road, constantly causing fatal accidents.

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In the homestead, she prayed for the possessed boy, sprinkling water all over his face and body and then making him sip some so as to send the demons away. Before long, some three other ladies, fully possessed by the Holy Spirit, appeared from the midst of the crowd and joined the prophetess in her mission.

They ‘saw and chased’ the evil spirits all over the compound and inside the house for more than four hours.
Eventually, they assured the family and amused spectators that the demons were now no longer in possession of the boy or his family. Otherwise, they appealed to the family and the area residents to continue praying for the next three days so that these demons could be driven back to the seas where they had come from.

“I have successfully ejected those demons from this child and they have gone back to their owner. This was a very serious case of evil spirits that have been responsible for the very many accidents happening between Kenol and Nyeri. It took us five attempts to eject them,” said the prophetess.

She appealed Kambiti residents to drown themselves in prayer since the demons were sent to the area to acquire people’s blood.

She instructed the boy’s mother to throw all the items the boy had been vomiting into the river.

Regina Mueni, a self-proclaimed spiritualist from Kitini trading centre, said that she had heard the plight of the boy from neighbours the previous day and decided to offer her assistance. She claimed that the whole of that night, God spoke to her and urged her to come to this homestead and pray for the family.

“I prayed to God all the way as I was coming to this place asking Him to reveal Himself to his people and I have seen His hand in this. My calling is to pray and am able to see where these spirits are,” said Mueni.

The most amazing thing was that the prophetess and the other ladies claimed to have never met before but were able to co-ordinate so well in their ‘spiritual language’ as the cast out the demons.

Earlier in the morning, one ‘mukurino’ escaped the wrath of the angry residents who were baying for his blood after he sought sh6,500 to enable him buy some special ‘anointing oil’ that would remove the demons from the boy. They argued that the power of anointing did not include soliciting money from the victims thus he was definitely a fake prophet.

He was frisked away by police officers who managed to move him away from the irate mob.

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