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A County Attendant Get It Rough For Clamping A Police Officer's Car

Mr. Reuben Mitero, a Thika Sub-County clamping enforcement officer, last Tuesday got more than he bargained for when he found himself on the ‘wrong side of the law’ for clamping a car belonging to a certain traffic police officer based in Thika.

It all started at the parking lot near Safaricom shop on Kwame Nkrumah Road when a saloon car a driver came and packed his car behind another and left. As the county clamping were doing their rounds, they came across this car which even did not have a parking ticket, clamped it for obstruction and invoiced it for the same.

Upon return, the owner was shocked to see his vehicle being clamp and demanded to have released, saying that he was a police officer from Thika. The county employee declined to obey these orders and directed him to go to the Thika County Hall to clear the sh. 2,000 fine since they had already invoiced it.
“I tried to explain to him that since I have already invoiced it, he can only get assisted by the officer in Room 8 at town Hall. Instead, he got mad at me and threatened me with arrest,” said Reuben.

After a while, the police officer broke the clamps and went away with them.
When the county employees went to claim their clamp, they found the policeman waiting for them. He immediately started harassing Reuben and threatening to lock him up.

“Immediately I arrived to report at the OB Desk, he grabbed me and started directing me towards the cells, calling me a ‘Mahabusu’,” said Reuben.

On realising that things were ‘getting elephant’, the Reuben’s colleagues called their seniors to come and bail him out.

The arrival of the seniors led to a standoff between them and the officer for quite some time. Were it not for the area base commander, the issue would have gotten out of hand.

Eventually Reuben was released and given the prerogative to either forge ahead with charging the officer or settle it in a gentleman’s language.

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