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7 Chiefs, One OCS Sacked Over Illicit Brews In PS's Visit To Thika, Gatundu.

Karibaribi Assistant chief Patrick Karanja Kahinga has been fired for abetting the selling of illicit liquor and what was described as failure to execute his duties diligently.

The decision came hours after Internal Security Principle Secretary Dr. Karanja laid off six other chiefs and a senior police officer in Gatundu District for the same reason. He put all chiefs, assistant chiefs and security officials on notice in the fight against illicit brew.

In his speech at the Kiandutu NYS Grounds after a fact-finding mission in areas notorious for illicit in both Thika and Gatundu Districts, Kibuchi said that security personnel should be on the forefront in rooting out illegal alcohol in their areas. He added that Thika was notorious for these brews especially in Kiandutu and areas along Chania River.

However, he praised Makongeni Chief Mr. Daniel Waiguru and Kiandutu Assistant chief Mr. John Karanja for their efforts in fighting crime and illicit brews in their areas.

He pledged the ministry’s support in catering for the hospital bills and other expenses that Biashara Location Chief may have incurred after he was attacked by illegal brewers during a raid.

Kibicho said that his ministry’s fight on the scourge was now going to be directed to the liquor kingpins and would not relent until they rid of all illicit brews and drugs from the area.

He lamented that these brews had claimed over 30,000 lives and there was no way the government would compromise with the brewers.

“This year, the government is going to recruit another set of 10,000 police officers to bring their number to over 100,000 officers in an effort to contain security and crime. We gave motorbike to all the chiefs so as to ease their mobility and facilitate their work to serve wananchi better. All I ask from you (wananchi) is to support these administrators by providing them with the information they need to fight crime and illicit brews,” he said.

He pleaded with the courts and the County Governments not to stand on the way to frustrate efforts to beat crime and illicit brews.

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