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Women Use 'Juju' To Steal From Girl In Thika KCB Branch

A walk around town any day, you wouldn't miss to find at least one poster pinned on a wall or pole, advertising waganga (witchdoctors) who offer assistance mainly in matters of business, money, love and infertility. Or let me put it in another way... Have you heard stories of jujus (genies) and what they can get up to if their master is properly paid and clearly instructed on the client’s wishes?

Most of us play down these posters and dismiss them as fake ads. Skeptics will also dismiss these juju stories as just that; stories. But tell that to one  Lucy Eyapan, a young and beautiful lady from Baragoi, a market town lying north of Maralal and East of the Suguta Valley in Samburu County, who had to bear the brunt of 'juju' power on Tuesday the 9th of February.

Lucy woke up on that morning, headed to Thika Town so as to pay her sister's school fees. At around 11:00am she withdrew sh.30,300 from one M-PESA shop that is situated near Thika Arcade Plaza, put the money inside her handbag and went straight to the Thika Branch of the Kenya Commercial Bank (KCB) situated at the junction of Kenyatta highway and Uhuru Street.

On arrival, the bank staff instructed all those paying school fees to fill in application forms and line up in a certain queue away from the normal operations. After filling up the form, Lucy went to the queue and waited for her chance to be served.

As she was standing there, two smartly dressed women queued behind her. A while later, one of them greeted her and started engaging her with a conversation about how they would get bursary forms for their kids from the CDF office. Lucy claims that immediately her hand came into contact with the said woman, she lost her senses and could not reason logically.

When she regained her memory, she was outside the bank, without her handbag and purse. It was at this moment that it donned on her that she had lost the Sh30,300 that was in her handbag, Sh1,200 that was in her purse plus all her documents including her ID card.

In that state of confusion, she searched for the women both in and outside the bank but in vain. As she was walking past the Cooperative Bank facing Thika Police Station, she approached some AP officers who were standing near the bank and narrated her story to them.

They advised her to report her case at the station for help which she did and was booked in the Police Occurrence Book (OB).

Later in that week, she lodged a complaint with the Thika KCB Branch Manager seeking for any kind of assistance that the bank could offer to trace the suspects. She argued that since all banks have installed CCTV cameras, it would be very easy for them to identify their faces and how they stole from the young girl. The manager referred her to their operations manager who until we went to press, has not yet helped her.

When Thika Town Today called him to inquire about the case, he declined to talk to us saying that he was not authorised to talk to the media. He directed us to talk to the Co-operate Affairs Manager, a certain Judy Sidi, who declined to take our calls.

Lucy is now appealing to the relevant authorities to help her nab her villains and recover her money. She is also worried that if they are not arrested, they will continue preying on innocent wananchi with impunity.

Thika Town is nowadays ganged up by frustrated brutes ready to go to any lengths to get money. Lucy's case should be a wake up call for everyone to be extra careful whenever dealing with strangers.

Meanwhile, Lucy is very thankful to the principal of Kinyoho Secondary School in Kagundu-ini location of Maragwa Sub-County for allowing her sister, Stella Namoit in class even without them paying her school fees in full.

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