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A section of  participants of the ' I Support The Zambezi Hospital Cancer Walk' carrying the banner across Thika Town. Photo|| Legends Welfare Group
Thika Town residents came together on Saturday  20th February 2016, in the battle against cancer, taking part in the Zambezi Hospital's 'I Support The Zambezi Hospital Cancer Walk'.

Hundreds of  Thika Town residents braved the scorching Saturday sun to take part in the event, including Dr.Mutuma C.E.O Zambezi Hospital, officials from the Thika Police Station led by the O.C.P.D and officials from the provincial administration led by the District Officer, breast cancer Victors and caregivers walking to raise money for cancer facility.

Speaking to Thika Town Today, Mr. Samuel Muiruri, Chairperson of Legends Welfare Group the team charged with handling Logistics and planning of the event revealed to us why they choose to stage a 40Km walk in total across 4 different counties.

"Dr. Mutuma ( C.E.O Zambezi Hospital) believes that the number 40 is his Lucky number, he derives from various biblical incidences such as the 40years that Israelite's walked in the wilderness for instance and also the 40 days of fasting before Easter,hence the idea to come up with a walk that would cover 10kms across 4 different counties bringing to a total of 40km," said Muiruri.

The day included a 10Km walk using the following route  Thika YMCA HQ=Engen =Bidco ==Thika Town ==U-shop ==YMCA  within Thika Town.

At least 4 such like walks are being held across the country in different counties with the climax in Nairobi County.

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