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■ You cannot create serious change in the society if you are not ready to be the change that you desire. I have been totally convinced more than ever before that in a developing and struggling economy like ours, the developmental state should be led by a leadership that is totally focused on unlocking the potential of the people. 

■ Aligning resources and investment in growing talent and growing competitive production is key to bringing hope to the hopeless. I am now freer and bolder to be the change that I desire in this country.

■ BBI is not the solution to all our problems. There are so many other challenges. There is enough space for some to complete the work that has been going on in BBI while others are minding the faults in other areas of critical importance like building a fresh and structured small and medium enterprises and minding the devours of engaging more Kenyans in the digital economy which is one of the fastest growing service sectors globally in the post covid era.

■ When I was given the honour to be the first Kenyan to be the Secretary General of the United Nations, I felt a momentous duty that I should do my job in such a way that others can entrust such serious senior leadership to my countrymen and women going forward. Secondly, that I honour the tradition that has been there in the Diaspora, that given international challenges, Kenyan professionals perform very well. As I stand here, I am proud to say that I executed my services with honour.

 ■ I have the privilege of standing outside the forest and see the canopy better than better than those we are competing with. I challenge the leaders, they can settle scores but don’t settle us lower. Mainstreaming of political bad manners does not present part of the solutions of our national challenges. I want to be part of the conversation of how we can save our politics from this rising tension and combativeness. 

■ We can civilize our politics. We can tone down the language of toxic confrontation that causes a negative mood to the investors and citizens and affects nation building.

■ After 58 years of the Kenyan economy being at the service of Kenya’s politics, we must now struggle for an era where Kenya’s politics is at the service of the Kenya’s economy and I think that centralizing economic governance as the cornerstone of government, something I learnt from the former President Mwai Kibaki is one of the things that drive me in my desire that I can offer service and be part of the solution that the country needs.

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