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Chania To Go Round Sensitising Women On The Importance Of Being In Elective Politics.

Kiambu County TNA Coordinator Madam Gladys Chania Mwangi on Wednesday said that she would fight to ensure political parties drew polices that embraced women and supported them when vying for seats.

Chania said that the participation of women in electoral and political processes remained dismally low due to numerous challenges that ranged from socio-cultural barriers to poverty issues. She added that women were the greatest casualties of a mismanaged electoral process and thus needed to be given a fairer deal. Weak institutional capacity within political parties and lack of intra-party democracy that compromised the ability to deliver a credible nomination process, political euphoria in the nomination, lack of finance and huge nomination fee were some of the challenges that led to dismal women participation and performance in politics, she added.

She said TNA would be going around the county sensitising women on the importance of being involved
in politics so they may be prepared during next year’s polls.

Madam Chania was speaking at St Paul Anglican Church in Kiambu in a meeting which political party leaders unanimously agreed to back women for elective posts. They also agreed to seek ways to reduce the nomination fees, which the women felt were too high. By doing so, the leaders said that they would be giving women a fair playing ground with the men.

The National Council of Churches of Kenya on its part urged political parties leaders in Kiambu county to support women in elections to achieve the two- third gender rule.
Among the represented parties were TNA, DP, Narc Kenya, Kenda Party, Mwan- gaza, Farmers Party and UDF. They said that they already had strategies to include women in elective posts.

DP Kiambu chairman Charles Kabucho said the party already adopted the two-third gender rule and in the previous election sponsored women for various seats.

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