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Thika Branch Kenya National Union of Teachers (KNUT) Executive Secretary Mr. Mungai Ngige has announced that he will be seeking re-election during the upcoming union elections.

Mr. Mungai, who has held the seat for the last five years since 2011, made the announcement Tuesday morning at Thika Primary School for The Blind when he addressed Thika West Primary School Heads during their first 2016 heads of institution meeting with the Deputy Director of Education.

With the branch elections already scheduled for the 18th of February 2016, it comes as no surprise that the incumbent will riding on the quality services he has been rendering to the union members since assuming office. 

He added that in his tenure, he had managed to clear all the backlog in the Burial and Benevolent Fund (BBF), an issue which was so nagging over the years. Currently, all teacher retirees in Thika Branch have enjoyed their benefits from the union. 

Thika Branch is also IT compliant with members able to instantly receive notices and relevant news and responses via various online forums. The Branch now has fully operational Facebook and WhatsApp groups where members easily relay information and network in real time. He added that plans were underway to digitise the operations of the branch with an objective to bettering services to the members.

In his tenure, Mr. Mungai said, the teacher's union, the TSC and Ministry of Education Units have had a good working relationship that has been key to solving majority of the teachers' issues. He has been very vigilant in ensuring that the issue of teacher transfers were being handled in the most humane manner.

While talking to Thika Town Today crew shortly after the announcement, Mr. Mungai was relaxed and candid, emphasising that there was so much at hand that his leadership had to offer over the next five years.

He was quite confident of re-election saying that his competitors' prospects amounted to very little impact on the ground. 

On the issue of the teachers appraisal and performance contracts, Mr. Mungai said that Thika teachers had no objection to the whole exercise other than they were just calling on the TSC to shed more light on the whole exercise adding that it was not in order for their employer to push it into their throats without bothering to explain what it all entailed. 

He also called on the TSC to re-look into the issue of the new teachers' enhanced house allowance which had some unbalanced classification of schools within the same geographical location. He said that, with the teachers' approval via re-election, this would be among his top priority in the new term.

He concluded by saying that he may not have achieved the much he had wanted and may have disappointed a few members or brushed a few shoulders in the process of executing the responsibilities they had bestowed on him. It was all human and thus extended an olive branch to anyone who he might offended or disappointed in the process. He said that his fresh term would be geared towards bringing all Thika teachers together and seeking more ways to empowering them.

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