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As part of their community service volunteering programme, Bridal Stylist of The Year, New Dgohnie Hair Arts, yesterday (Wednesday 13th Jan 2015) spent the entire day grooming and bonding with the kids of Ezekiel Special Needs School in Muguga, Gatuanyaga Ward.

Accompanied by Mr. Casper Goliath of the Thika Red Cross Branch, the hair stylists gave the girls some new year hair-dos and shaved the boys. 

Dgohnie, who is the leader and the brains behind this whole idea said that it was about developing a “heart connection” with those they helped.

“Any person can be influential in someone else’s life. In continuing our mission of 'giving back to the society', it’s integral to all members of our team to experience these opportunities by going into the community, to learn, share and interact with varying types of people in need. These kind of programmes help to ignite and inspire us to do service work and give back to our community. It feels so good to give back with the less fortunate amongst us, taking time out of our busy day. It is great for everyone to experience different ways to help out whether it’s personal connections with high functioning or disabled children,” Dgohnie said.

He appealed to other members of the society to follow suit and make a difference in their own ways.

Casper used this opportunity to donate and share pineapple drinks and fruits with these godly angels.

Ezekiel Special Needs School provides shelter to children suffering from cerebral palsy and autism. With a student population of over 20 kids, the institution work with children who all have some degree of motor impairment and who are unable to do basic day-to-day activities unaided. 

Under their Director Madam Susan Gachambi and the head teacher Madam Scholar Ng'ang'a, the institution has been able to bring hope to these kids, most of whom can hardly communicate. It was amazing to see how they did things and how helpful the people who work there were to these kids.

However, their good work was not without challenges. They are appealing to well wishers to donate wheelchairs, therapy clutches and diapers to the institution in order to meet the demand of the growing needs of these kids.

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