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Reports reaching Thika Town Today's news desk indicate that an accident involving a lorry and 4 other small vehicles has occurred near Blue Post Hotel, Thika.

Preliminary reports, indicate that all the vehicles were heading towards the direction of Nairobi at around 6:00pm this evening. The lorry, moving at a very high speed, had its breaks fail resulting to it losing control and hitting a Toyota Harrier that was ahead of it.  

The impact threw the car to crash the concrete barrier separating the dual carriage highway. Four other vehicles speeding behind the two rammed into them, sandwiching the Toyota Harrier between the lorry and the road barrier.

Our sources on the ground could not tell if there were any casualties. He informed us that he saw no injured person when he passed near the scene. 

 The accident caused a heavy traffic jam towards Nairobi and from Thika Town.

This is a developing story and Thika Town Today will give more details once we get more information.

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