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Humans Of Thika:Meet Ali Dida Halake

Every now and then we run a segment called Humans Of Thika.  Today we feature Ali Dida Halake a butcher and businessman. Ali Dida Halake operates a butchery called Kula Raha located on the outskirts of Thika Town near Kimathi Estate along Kenyatta Highway.
Mr. Ali Dida Halake 

1.Did you grow up in Thika?

Yes and No.

 No because I come from a different part of the country as matter of fact I was born in Isiolo and moved to Thika town when I was in class 7.
Yes because I can say Thika adopted me because ever since I came here I settled down and happen to also meet my wife in Thika my whole family of five kids stay here with us.

2. What do you love about Thika?

The very first thing that I love about this town is the sweet pineapples that are grown in Delmonte, secondly the business opportunity that Thika has to offer, thirdly its a good environment for bringing up your children.

3. What would love to change about Thika?

The state of roads in this part of Kenya is in deplorable condition take for example Kenyatta Highway just outside my butchery ever since they started constructing it mid last year they have not shown any progress, customers no longer come here to have regular nyama choma bitings they say the area is too dusty and many are the times the road is blocked and traffic is diverted.

4. As a Butcher how is it working in Thika? Is Thika open to what you do or what could be better?

 Operating a butchery in Thika has been awesome this business has helped me raise my children, paid my bills and sustained my family so I can say working in Thika is a excellent opportunity. I would put much emphasis on fellow business to continue working hard towards developing our town.

5.If you had a friend visiting Thika what three things would you say to them the so that they feel that Thika is worth visiting.

Come visit our town make a tour of the vast Delmonte farm, visit my butchery for the best Nyama Choma biting and lastly this town offers an exceptional shopping experience be it groceries at the Madaraka Market or the different supermarkets within Thika town.

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