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Kiambu County Commissioner Mr. Alex ole Nkoyo rubbished claims by Governor William Kabogo that he was taking political sides in the county political intrigues. He has assured the governor and the people of Kiambu County that his office will work with all the leaders in the county.

The discord between the two leaders played out at a function in Ndumberi Stadium after the governor, for the third time in a row, accused the county commissioner and other government officers in the county of undermining him. Mr Kabogo had previously castigated him during a function at Tatu City and at the county headquarters where he equated him to his county secretary.

Mr Kabogo said that he was the senior most officer in the county and that Mr. Nkoyo had no choice but to respect him as an elected leader, a status that had earned him the title honourable. He added that none of the other national government officers in the county could match his game.

“You (Nkoyo) came the other day and tomorrow you will not be here but for us, we will remain here… and whenever I speak, I shake the entire nation, who are these few?” he posed.

The bone of contention was when the commissioner warned that whoever was involved in the Madaraka Market fire incident which reduced property worth hundreds of millions to ashes, would be brought to book regardless of their position.

The traders have on numerous occasions pointed an accusing finger at the County Government of Kiambu, saying the arson attack was executed under the watch of county askaris. However, investigations are still under way.

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