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They say that Christmas is a time for giving where a small, personal gift item would mean the whole world to that destitute child or that old and frail neighbour next door. It does not matter whether you are coming after Christmas, they need that smile over their face these festivities.

That is the spirit that drove the Ngogoyo 237 Team to take time out of their hectic schedules to visit two different homes for the less fortunate over the weekend. With so many deserving homes to choose from, it was very difficult trying to decide who would get the little God had blessed them with. But we can just say that God had already settled on these homes for the orphans that have never experienced such gesture before.

One group, led by their able patron Mr. Joseph Kamau Muigai (Muturi Muno) went to Harvest Blessings Children's Home all the way in Ngoliba, Thika East, some 25km away from the town centre. The other team under the stewardship of Dagitari Kimani went miles away to Mai Mahiu. Thika Town Today was privileged enough to accompany the Ngoliba faction of Ngogoyo 237.

Sunday afternoon, a convoy of more than 20 cars left Orange House at around 3:00pm for Ngoliba to kick off the Christmas week with charity. It took them less than an hour to reach their destination.

On arrival, they were welcomed with song and dance by the enthusiastic kids and their guardian angels.

After prayers, introduction and having fun with kids, the Ngogoyo 237 family unloaded their gift packs, which included foodstuff and clothing, from the vehicles and presented them to their beneficiaries. The sight of the happy children expressing their excitement in the best way they knew of was just a joy to witness.

After all was over, the home's patron, Pastor Reuben took that opportunity to thank the Ngogoyo 237 team for their kind gesture. He narrated a brief history of the institution that was founded in 2007, previously at Kanyiri Building in Thika's CBD under the name Rehoboth Home for Street Children. He explained how the moved to their current location, by then with only two kids. He added that throughout his stay at the home, they had never had an experience like the one they witness on this day.

He was eternally grateful for the blessings they had received, a gift that moths and rust cannot destroy nor any thief could ever steal: the feeling of being loved and appreciated.

"My joy is to see how God gives to these people every day. That is why I am joyful. I'm very happy to see people like you extend a hand of assistance to these innocent kids who are all orphans. It's because of gestures like these that we are able to be here today and have this distribution. May the Almighty God Bless you so much," he said.

On his part, Mr. Muigai the Ngogoyo Patron was short of words to express the joy of being part of the Ngogoyo 237 family. He thanked the entire Ngogoyo team for all their contributions and their dedication towards making that occasion so successful and colourful.

He was so inspired by the spirit of the kids in the home too.

"I’m not the most emotional person in the world, but then you meet a little kid who snuggles up on you and is so excited to see you and is so grateful to make a new friend. This got me teary and a little choked up. These kids have gone through a hard past but they are still smiling and still able to find the great parts of life. That’s an inspirational message for us all," Muigai said. 

"It's also so amazing to imagine that a tiny little bit of our time meant so much to them. I sincerely thank my team for all this. I also take this opportunity to thank the management of this institution for the good work you are doing and for your warm reception. God will surely bless you abundantly," he added.

The Ngogoyo 237 Social media and welfare Chairperson, Fredrick Giturwa a.k.a. Kinyambi 1960, summed it all by thanking all the Ngogoyo team for their contributions and moral support. He added that the support came from far and wide with the diaspora very well represented.

He called on those who were yet to join Ngogoyo 237 Sacco to act fast before the jet left the runway. He added that those outside this family were missing out on so much and it was about time the boarded the ship.
He concluded by wishing all the members a Merry Xmas and a Blessed New Year.

After prayers led by our host pastor, the Ngogoyo team left for Dillons Hotel where Mr. Ndegwa Mutahi, Peter Ndung'u (Maguna Andu) and Johnstone Ndegwa (Dillons Hotel's proprietor) had hosted them for lunch. And true to their custom, lunch was never lunch without some Mburi Cia Ngogoyo.

Dillons hotel turned to be the place, so much Nyama Choma and lots of fun till late in the night.

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