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INTERVIEW: Meet Boniface Mathenge, The Reigning Mr. Amboseli-2015 Taking Over Thika Fashion Scene by storm.

He came, He show cased his creativity and talent, and he definitely conquered. Mr. Amboseli the fashion King and footballer has taken over the Thika Modelling industry.  Boniface Mathenge the reigning Mr Amboseli poses not only good looks but also sharp brains. He is frank about his modelling journey and experience so far and his expectations so far.

TTT : Who is Boniface Mathenge?

B.M. I am the reigning Mr. Amboseli Institute of Technology and Hospitality 2015. Proudly Kenya. A tours and travel student, commitment driven, versatile gentleman who has a love for design and fashion. I enjoy travelling, playing football, playing golf.

TTT: Were you stunned when you were crowned Mr. Amboseli-2015? Can you describe how you felt at that moment?

B.M I was shocked because some of my fellow contestants were senior students from our college and had some bit of modelling experience by virtue of being part of previous pageants whilst I have never modelled.

TTT: As the newly crowned King of Amboseli what do you plan to do towards changing the community?

B.M. First of all charity begins at home I intend to engage the Amboseli Community in various projects tailor made for the purposes of marketing the school, I will endeavor to represent the institution in my capacity in all events planned, work with the student council to induce creative ways of making sure any student enrolled at this prestigious college feels as part of community. I also have several charitable activities that I will initiate that can be beneficial to communities surrounding our college.

TTT: There is a growing perception among most young men that the fashion is female dominated. Do you think fashion industry is an important one and its not only for one gender?

B.M. My take on fashion is quite simple it’s a way life, let nobody say that it should be only one gender, because there is no point of associating fashion with femininity or masculinity if you remember even our fore fathers held various events to celebrate and showcase various trends.

TTT: Three words to describe yourself.

B.M. I am sociable, trendy, and courageous.

TTT: Who is your role model in society?

B.M. I look up to Gospel musician Bahati. To me Baha is a pillar of inspiration I draw a lot of important lessons from him in terms of his background look at the way he struggled through his life to be where he is right now and still continues to use his gift to empower, encourage and entertain masses.

TTT: As a first time model what would you advice anybody who has ambitions of venturing in modelling industry especially among the youth?

B.M. It’s all about having confidence as a person as a first time contestant. I would love to encourage fellow youth to always be courageous and always create interest in participating I such like events.

To Connect with Boniface Mathenge on Social Media like his page on Face Book: LeBonie. Follow him on Instagram @LeBonie

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